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January 2016 * Comstock Royalty is seeking a private equity partner with mining experience to join us as we grow. We have active projects in various stages and are seeking to expand and create a TSX/NYSE listed royalty and streaming company.


Mine Operators: Info@ComstockRoyalty.com

Investors: JPerez@ComstockRoyalty.com

LinkedIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/comstockroyalty411


Comstock Royalty and Streaming News


  • 2010 Comstock Royalty Enters Iron Ore Sector with the 108,000 Acre Iron Ore Exploration Project with Travis Miller in Sonora, Mexico

  • Comstock Royalty began work on the NevMex as a consultant June 2010

  • Comstock Royalty assisted the NevMex fom exploration to production with first shipment leaving 12/2012

  • Comstock Royalty made the introduction of Mark Ashley to Tonogold March 2013

  • Comstock Royalty made the introduction of the NevMex to Tonogold, July 14th, 201

  • Tonogold Acquires in the Nevmex in February 201

  • Tonogold Adds Jordan Moelis, Travis Miller and Gustavo Mazon


January 2015 Tonogold / Iron Ore NevMex Project

NevMex Recommences Production for the Canamex Corridor

NevMex Achieves +68% Fe Optimization



October 2014 TNGL Adds Travis Miller, Jordan Moelis & Gustavo Mazon



Mr. Jordan Moelis is a US citizen residing in Los Angeles, California and is the Founder and Managing Partner of Deep Field Asset Management, a Los Angeles based investment firm. Prior to founding Deep Field in 2014, Jordan was a research analyst at Serengeti Asset Management in New York.


Mr. Moelis attended The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, where he graduated summa cum laude in 2009 before receiving his M.B.A. from the same school in 2010.


Jordan Moelis & Ken Moelis

Wall Street Journal - The Wall Street Elite's Offspring Start Hedge Funds





The Comstock Royalty - NevMex - Tonogold relationship began in 2010


March 3rd, 2013:  Comstock Royalty Advises Tonogold and Adds Mark Ashley to TNGL Tonogold Resources I Mr. Ashley to lead the new 6700 Tonopah Divide Acre Gold & Silver Project (Former Centerra Project) in Nevada to update Resource Report and Bring In New Cornerstone Investors


Disclosure: Comstock Royalty  owns share shares in Tonogold

Comstock Royalty is Expanding into Latin America in 2016

Comstock Royalty *Sonora Mexico - Iron Ore Project in 2010. The Misato K loading Iron Ore in Guaymas enroute to China.

Advisory & Consulting Work


  • Sunshine Silver Mine Coeur d’Alene Mining District, Idaho
  • Tonopah Mining District *Tonopah Nevada
  • Comstock Lode Mining District in Virginia City Nevada,
  • Randsburg-Johanessburg Mining District *California
  • Arizona Mining Districts
  • Iron Ore & Silver projects, Sonora Mexico


 2016 News: Advisory & Consulting Work in Latin America in 2016


Peru & Chile and seeking new mining projects in Latin America

Investors should contact Info@ComstockRoyalty



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